Rock Your Body ONLINE
Rock Your Body ONLINE
Nikki Pebbles

Welcome to Rock Your Body ONLINE

RYB is a virtual gym + global community for ALL bodies that ignites power through movement !

What is Rock Your Body Online?

Rock your Body Online is a virtual gym and global movement community for ALL bodies. 

Nikki Pebbles, the founder of RYB online is a certified personal trainer, NASM Corrective Exercise Specialist and holds a Master’s Degree in Psychology.  

RYB is a place for you to be SEEN and HEARD.  A safe space where we grow community, conversations, and connections through our experiences. 

We believe workouts should be FUN, ACCESSIBLE, and modification friendly. 

Watch this video below to see inside and how to navigate RYB online! 


The RYB Online Membership Includes:

- Access to 300+ on demand workout videos

- Weekly Live Streamed workouts that are personal, modification friendly and fun!

- Access to structured workout programs targeted for ALL levels and abilities

- A powerful and diverse community of humans from all over the world that will cheer you throughout your journey

- A safe space that is focused on YOU and your needs. RYB is about creating a safe space for your journey where you can GROW. 

- Workouts that are modification friendly, low impact friendly, PCOS/Hormone safe, ADHD friendly, LGBTQ+ friendly. We create workouts that work for YOU

You can access RYB online from your computer, tv, iphone/android/ipad+tablet

(you will be delivered a prompt to download the app once you sign up)

LIVE-Streamed Workouts 

 Every week we have different fun workout themes like Rihanna vs Lil Jon Cardio, Whitney Houston Cardio, Broadway Strength, 2000’s EMO STRENGTH, POP DIVAS and MORE! 

Some of our signature RYB LIVE formats are: 

Pure Strength | Badass Barre

RYB REMIX (Kickboxing + Dance) | LIT Dance Method 

RYB FUSION ( Cardio + Strength training held to the beat of the music)

RYB STRETCH | SCC ( Strength | CORE | Cardio) |Kickboxing 


FUN programs that are created for ALL humans

Whether you have never worked out before, looking for a jump start OR ready to turn it UP… you can find a program that is right for YOU! All our programs in RYB are PCOS/HORMONE safe and include modifications/low impact options! 

Here are a few examples of our RYB workout programs

Visit our Frequently Asked Questions Page to find out more information about RYB online or email [email protected]

Please note: you can cancel your membership at any time AFTER signing up for RYB. You will receive an email a few days before your renew date every month and that email will give you the option to cancel your membership OR continue your membership. You cannot be refunded your initial first payment 29.99 a month when you first sign up BUT you can can cancel your membership at ANY TIME after your initial sign up. Thank you!